We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, we have seen it, done it, sold it, planned it, coached teams and handled all types and sizes of customers across the UK.

All of these scenarios have been presented by our clients and we have helped resolve:

  • “I have spent lots of money/budget on marketing, but the phone is not ringing and we aren’t making any more sales. What has gone wrong?”
  • “I don’t understand the difference between marketing and sales and as for advertising, there are so many options, I don’t have enough budget.”
  • “I have no idea how to write a marketing or sales strategy, I’m too tied up with actually doing my job.”
  • “Sales is totally new to me – help!!”

We can help you too.

Time, budgets and sales expertise are tight in many businesses. We at Little Kanga will help you build and strengthen your sales team and move your business forward.

Why us?

The company has been set up by Becky Lodge, who has over 25 years’ corporate level sales experience (at senior level) and is also degree and CIM qualified. Becky proves her reputation time and again through delivering results, have a look at the ‘Case Study’ and blog pages for more about the kind of results that the company gets for its clients, time and time again.

Try us!

We offer a FREE ‘Sales Health Check’, where we ask you some fundamental questions about your business to see what is needed to move you forward. Or chat online now.

Contact us to get started!

Our Sales services include (but are not limited to):

  • Sales strategy–what do you want to achieve? What does your revenue look like now, where do you want it to be?
  • Sales management– how can you manage both the people and the processes?
  • Set up and utilisation of CRM -to support sales teams and forecasting
  • Recruitment of the sales team– how to choose the right people for your organisation and how to keep them happy once you have the right ‘fit’.
  • Customer acquisition– how to attract new customers and keep them happy and profitable.
  • Existing customers– how to drive profit quickly from existing relationships.
  • Suppliers -how they can help you grow your sales.
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising integration -how to consolidate these functions and drive revenue and growth in your company.
  • Coaching- just want some input now? We can help by coaching around a topic.

We have specialist services geared up for SMEs and Corporates. Want to know more? or Contact us to get started!

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