The following are all real scenarios presented to us by our clients. We have helped resolve their issues and we can help you too.

  • “Marketing doesn’t work. It’s a waste of time and money and ROI cannot be measured.”
  • “Everyone is talking about digital. I don’t know a Tweet from a Facebook post. Help.”
  • “Is it better to outsource my marketing at the moment?”
  • “Marketing is a full time job and I want to spend more time growing the business.”

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Why us?

The company has been set up by Becky Lodge, who has over 25 years’ corporate level sales experience (at senior level) and is also degree and CIM qualified. Becky proves her reputation time and again through delivering results, have a look at the ‘Case Study’ and blog pages for more about the kind of results that the company gets for its clients, time and time again.

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Start with a FREE ‘Marketing Health Check’, where we ask you some fundamental questions about your business to see what is needed to move you forward.

Our Marketing services include (but are not limited to):

  • Marketing- what it means for your business and what to think about
  • Branding –how to position your business in your market of operation
  • Promotion –how to promote your business in the most targeted way
  • Digital Marketing –using this as part of your strategy and implementation
  • Market Segmentation –who will be buying from you and why (motivation)
  • Planning and implementation– why do/use market research/audit/structure
  • Sales, Marketing and Advertising integration -how to consolidate these functions and drive revenue and growth in your company
  • Coaching- just want some input now? We can help by coaching around a topic.

We have specialist services geared up for SMEs and Corporates. Want to know more? or Contact us to get started!

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