Case Study – SME Client

This case study shows the results that we are able to achieve, for a business just like yours:

  • The client operated in a mature, congested market with much richer competitors.
  • It was difficult for this SME to compete, as budgets for marketing and advertising were severely limited.
  • From in-depth analysis Little Kanga devised an overarching sales and marketing strategy for implementation and identified the most cost effective methods for the budget available.

Aim: Strengthen company brand and increase visibility and recognition in their market.

  • To drive brand visibility and awareness via digital marketing.
  • Increase customers visiting the company website to showcase services.
  • Ensure that the website content was appropriate for the target audience.
  • Engage with customers sooner in the contact process via the website.

What did Little Kanga do?

As part of our sales and marketing solution, Little Kanga implemented the following changes:

  • Twitter – a strategy was developed and implemented which included rebranding the Twitter feed/content.
  • We increased quality industry followers on Twitter by 472% in less than 6 months.
  • The company also used the feed to engage with new sales prospects.
  • This helped the visibility and presence on the web and in Google rankings.
  • Case studies were developed and distributed via Twitter and e-mail.
  • Company projects were shared on this feed with full project history and images and Twitter users invited to interact.
  • We used metrics to measure the effectiveness of the website in place – it was found that the site was not performing.
  • The website was revisited and refreshed with current customer feedback provided through a ‘focus group’ comprising existing and new customer prospects.


  • An uplift of 20% in enquiries to the company to the sales department.

Aim: Website – Increase customer engagement/conversion to sale:

What did Little Kanga do?


  • Little Kanga introduced software to record business visitors to the website.
  • This showed all company interactions and contact details of each visit.
  • This then allowed sales to immediately prospect from those company leads in real time to target interested customers with a quicker conversion to sale.
  • It showed the company via tangible reporting (analytics) who was viewing the site and when and what market sectors they operated in.
  • It opened up new market segments for the company to target and gave sales ‘quick leads’ to follow up and nurture as part of the sales cycle.


  • In less than one year, having analysed the sales and marketing activity and using a very small budget in line with the strategy, new web hits rose by 143%.
  • Sales were more readily engaging with the customer at an earlier stage of the buying process as they could follow up quickly via the software installed to identify customers visiting their site.
  • It highlighted new markets for sales to target and identified potential new market segments that could be targeted.
  • All set benchmarks were met and the ultimate result was a more productive sales team, more business and a happy client. Job done.

Our belief:

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