Last week was really busy, with a number of long term projects coming to fruition.

One of these projects, was a sales and marketing workshop, that I authored and then delivered for one of my customers at Stansted Airport.

The idea of the ‘Meet The Buyer’ workshop, was to help SME’s formalise their sales process, before they met with senior procurement professionals at the ‘Meet The Buyer’ event.

Also, to give them a structured approach to ‘Meet The Buyer’ to better explain their offer, in a short 10 minute ‘pitch’ slot. These events are pivotal to smaller companies winning more business with higher contract values.

Many smaller companies, are now able to become involved with much larger corporate supply chains but this is still a little known fact. This has posed some challenges from an SME standpoint, especially if these companies are smaller and without their own sales people to support the business development process. This is the reason that we devised this workshop, to appeal broadly to SME’s that want to do business with larger companies such as: Stansted Airport, National Express and Morgan Sindall (for example).

In the workshop, I concentrated on a 4 step process for the companies to follow, so that they would be fully prepared in advance of the event, with all the relevant information about the organisations that they would be engaging with and also a fuller overview of the sales and social selling process that they could utilise to give them competitive advantage at the event, when engaging ‘face to face’ with the buyer.

I have attached a testimonial video from the workshop, so that you can see what the attendees thought about the content (and my delivery). We had over 40 delegates booked in on the day and the feedback was excellent, one comment was as follows: ‘Becky could sell fresh air and I would quite happily buy it from her’. Thanks to Brendan for agreeing to go on camera for this too!

Thank you to all those that attended and I look forward to hearing their success stories from the event, in the coming weeks….




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