Why it pays to be caught in the middle (in Sales)

Having been ‘in’ sales for around twenty-five years, the one thing that has not changed in my view (in the UK) market, is the way that B2B companies make their decisions to...

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The Small Business Advantage

It is often difficult being a start-up company or an SME in the UK market. From having to be an expert in all areas in the business and often having conflicting demands on your...

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Do The Hustle

AKA – 5 Free Things You Can Do Now To Get More Leads What impact would 15-20 extra leads a week have on your business? As a start-up or SME owner, probably quite a lot of...

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Can Cake Influence SME Sales?

AKA – Does the personal touch in sales drive revenue and profit? Over the last 20 years, I have worked with many companies large and small across the UK, in all types of...

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