Stansted Airport Round Up

Last week was really busy, with a number of long term projects coming to fruition. One of these projects, was a sales and marketing workshop, that I authored and then delivered...

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Little Kanga Flies to Stansted Airport

On 29th September, I have been invited to organize and present a sales and marketing workshop at Stansted Airport. This is a collaboration with BE Group. The aim of the event, is...

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Little Kanga Hops Onto The Radio

I was delighted to meet the team, at a new start-up radio station last week, called Cheesy FM. Cheesy FM is a radio station backed by Virgin Start-up and is located in Hanley. It...

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Sales Superhero

The 8 Traits That Great Salespeople Share

Sales is often seen as an industry that anyone can get into. Whilst this may be true not everyone will become a great sales person. Great sales people are those that consistently...

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