I was delighted to meet the team, at a new start-up radio station last week, called Cheesy FM.

Cheesy FM is a radio station backed by Virgin Start-up and is located in Hanley.

It broadcasts online and via an app (available in your app store). They also transmit on DAB+ in Manchester and Portsmouth.

As part of our partnership, I have just commissioned a radio advert for use on the station and you are able to listen to it here!



If you wish to find out more about Andy and Linden and the team behind Cheesy FM, then click here to contact them: www.cheesy-fm.com

They are currently running on-air advertising campaigns, designed for start-ups and small business owners, from just £49 per month ex VAT (plus a charge for your commercial production to make the ad obviously).

So if you are interested in getting involved with with either Little Kanga, or Cheesy FM, then just keep listening to the station and reading this blog for more information.

More about the author:

Becky Lodge is the Business Founder of Little Kanga, a company that provides outsourced sales and marketing services for businesses in the UK.

BA (Hons) and CIM qualified, Becky has 25 years’ experience at senior level in the UK and is now using that knowledge to help other businesses grow and become more profitable.

Get in touch: www.littlekanga.co.uk

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