5 Reasons To Start a Business in January

5 Reasons To Start a Business in January

Have you ever wondered how it might feel to run your own business? Or sat there daydreaming about how to make your first million? The rush of adrenaline, the nerves, the highs, and the lows. It’s all part of the adventure.

Choosing to start a business at any time of the year can be pretty daunting, but most people choose not to, rather than choosing when to. If there was ever a good time to start-up, it’s January. Here are five reasons why it’s a good month to go it alone and never look back.

1. Feeling relaxed after the Christmas break (and using it to your advantage)

Starting a business is hard work, but the truth of the matter is that you’re more productive when you feel relaxed. Using the break to launch a business means doing so when clarity, efficiency and productivity are at their peak.

January is an ideal time to launch, not only because you can springboard off the back of the break, but it also gives you an easy date to review your progress on an annual basis. Plus, with the kids back to school and the other half back at work, there will be fewer distractions around the house.

2. Do something you love full time

The best reason to launch a business in January is that you can start the year doing something you love. Using your passion, hobby or interest is a great way to launch a company and gives you the chance to enjoy them in new and exciting ways.

Some of today’s biggest brands started as individuals turning their hobbies/interests in to a business. Apple, Innocent Smoothies, Microsoft, and the Cambridge Satchel Company, are just a few examples of businesses started by people who took something they love and made it their day-to-day work.

3. You’re tired of asking why something can’t be simpler

WhatsApp. UBER. AirBnB. They all have one thing in common; they make day-to-day life easier. How? WhatsApp don’t bombard you with adverts, UBER increase their service responding to customer demand, and AirBnB connect homeowners, with empty rooms, to holidaymakers who are looking.

We have all come across something that is too complicated or could be done better. Your idea doesn’t have to be fancy, or worthy of a James Dyson Innovation Award, it could be a small product for the home, an App, or a service/social enterprise that solves an everyday problem.

4. Because later will always mean never

It’s no secret that we procrastinate more than we choose to accept and, if you keep telling yourself that you’ll do that thing you always wanted to later, over a long enough period of time your sum total of achievements will never exceed zero.

If thinking about this fills you with dread then start thinking about the change you need to make. As the saying goes “I’d rather live a life of ‘Oh wells’, than ‘What ifs’…”

5. Do you really want to do the same job for the next 12 months?

Simple mathematics tells us that you will spend roughly 238 days, 1904 hours, or 114’240 minutes at work until you find yourself staring the 1st of January 2018 in the face. Think back to January 2016 and the resolutions you made. How many of have you ticked off?

This isn’t meant to be depressing, it’s a wakeup call. If you love what you do, the thought of doing it for another 12 months shouldn’t be that daunting. If you don’t feel that way, and you’ve ever had half a thought about starting your own business, then it might just be the right time for a change.
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